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Paps: The Fans Fight Back “He Doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We”

December 9, 2009

Due to recent paps pics of Rob that came out today and invasive ones taken before (chasing Rob while he’s driving, taking pictures of him from rooftops), the fans are standing up and fighting back. We want the paps to know that we don’t want to see pics like these, so stop taking them. Stop invading his private life. Enough is enough. Because no person deserves this, celebrity our not. There are limits and you have gone too far. We know pap pics are inevitable, what we are protest­ing against are the particularly invasive ones mentioned above. He doesn’t want this, neither do we!

Here’s our way of fighting back, in less than 48 hours we were able to get 1,200 pics of fans posing with their arms over their face to show their protest. This is our way of saying leave him alone. We’re hoping this message gets across to the paps. Fans from all over the world sent in pics and translated quotes.

We, as site owners, don’t want to post these pics either. A huge group of fans and sites came together for this post. This is a collaborative effort between Thinking of RobPattinson OnlineEmsCharityKiss (who gave us the brilliant idea) , In My DreamsEyes of AmberRandom Acts of RobRob My World, Why not? Twilight, Rpattz and MeGossip Dance RobmusementTwilight Ladies Edward-Cullen.Net and 100 other sites that you can find in the side bar.

We think it’s wrong that the paps are hounding Rob like this and we want them to know.

So in case Eng lish is not enough, fans across the world have writ ten it in their own language:

“He doesn’t want this, neither do we” “¡El no quiere esto! ¡Nosotros tampoco!”“On tego nie chce i my tez nie!” “Han ønsker ikke dette og det gjør ikke vi heller!” “Il ne veut pas ça, nous non plus” “lui non vuole tutto questo, e neanche noi” “Nem ele nem nós quer e mos isto” “Tidak menginginkan ini, begitu juga kita” “Hij wil dit niet en wij willen het ook niet.” “Han vill inte ha det här, och det vill inte vi heller” “Uwe ma bido wala ihna kamaan” “O bunu istemiyor, biz de!” “Ezt sem ?, sem mi nem akar juk!” “Ní raibh sé ag iar raidh seo ní dhéanaimid!” ” Er will das nicht eben so wenig wie wir! ” “Hän ei halua tätä, emmekä halua mekään!” “Han vil ikke have det her og det vil vi heller ikke” ” El nu vrea asta. Nici noi! ” “Ell no vol això. Tam poc nos altres!” “Nechce to a nechceme to ani my!” “Doed dwn o dim eisiau hwn, ac doed dwn ni” “El non quere isto, nós tam­pouco!” “Ayaw niya ito,pati kami ayaw din namin.” “Ní mian sé seo nach féidir linn” “Nid yw’n am hwn nid ydym yn ei” “On ne želi ovo. A ni mi.” “Han vil ikke have det, og det vil vi heller ikke.”

WP won’t let me post these due to the characters so it’s a jpeg.


Here are 3 videos, one was made by me (FP) , one was made by Lost Imortal and the other was made by Robmusement.

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  1. Julie permalink
    December 9, 2009 10:04 pm

    In portuguese is not there!
    “Ele não quer isso, e nós também não!”
    and how can I send my photo???

    • 1948iFeLtHoPe permalink
      December 9, 2009 10:54 pm

      Hey Julie… I’m not one of the administators from the blogs or anything, but in the first section on the main page it tells how to send in your picture. “To send us pics, montages, or banners, you can contact us at the campaign’s new e-mail: ”

      Hope that helps!

  2. December 10, 2009 8:04 am

    Come on over and join our protest on Facebook everyone! Tell your friends! The more ways we can spread out message the better!

    For the right to walk on the street!
    Collaborating site. Find us on Facebook!

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